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About Us

We've all been through the experience of looking for a good rental. Most of the time, we've used some leading real estate sites and a lot of those times, we've probably seen some absurd rental prices. Propworthy is our attempt to clean the system up.

Real estate sites do a great job of collecting listings and we help them help you better by showing those listings we think are fairly quoted in terms of rent.

We do not believe in 'hijacking' listings on other sites. The information we display is anonymous and we provide you with a link back to the original site if you wish to take things further.

Data is critical to how we work. Help us by contributing your current rental information anonymously, by clicking on 'Add a listing'.


Contact Us

Have a question, suggestion or complaint? Feel like giving us a random shout-out? Send an email to reachus@propworthy.in

You can also visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

If you need to get in touch with the founders use the information below:

Nikhil Menon - nikhil@propworthy.in
Deepak Thomas - deepak@propworthy.in
Amrith Rajasekaran - amrith@propworthy.in


Add your listing

Adding a listing here is not for advertising purposes. You are merely contributing information to help us calculate fair rents in your area.